When I Ride…

Dressage Western Style…

I have recently learned that even I too can ride a dancing horse. Thanks to the dressage discipline moving into the world of cow horses. The Western Dressage Association is born. Now to take my first lesson! I talked to Anthony Jackson, the lead rider for the World famous Lipizzans about this. He actually trains Barrel Racing Horses in his spare time. He agrees, this is nothing but great for horses of ALL disciplines. What is barrel racing but three really fast pirouettes?

This smaller Quarter Horse is strutting his stuff alongside the gorgeous Warmblood or Hanoverian. This was shot in Germany so I am not sure because I don’t speak German. It is German….right?

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2 thoughts on “Dressage Western Style…

  1. I’ve witnessed those world famous Lipizzans in action and they’re simply breathtaking. Great point on the barrel racing – absolutely dead on with respect to pirouettes!

    Beautiful video, thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Projects, desires, dreams …
    Forward …, you can show your skill without speaking German. I am sure of it.

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