When I Ride…

When I was an Olympian…

I remember when just the sight of the playground at a local park, got my heart racing and my imagination soaring. How  would I perform as a mini olypian (Diana-Goddess of all animals) when I grabbed the rings at the swing set or sprinted to the ladder of the slide.

You see, I was in competition with my brothers most of the time. Mostly in my mind but I think they knew.

When one of them got a BB gun, I set up the targets. Our dad bought us a set of small hurdles for our acre large backyard. Since I was a horse in my imagination, I set them up in a pattern like the Grand Prix jumpers. One of my brothers even went on to run hurdles at the university. We were all sports freaks. Football, soccer, softball, blah, blah, blah…

Who could make their ice cream cone last the longest? That was an actual competition in our car driving to the ranch as kids. Giant cone from Dairy Queen was 25 cents.

Now, as an “adult”,  I see that competitive spirit manifest at horse shows, when I harvested my first deer, driving a vehicle in traffic (dangerous) or when I’m with my sillier friends. Who can hold their breath while swimming under water the longest? Who can do the most summersaults under water in one breath? Who can throw a rock farthest out into the lake?

Thank God for those friends.

I’m still a little girl…in a big girl body.

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2 thoughts on “When I was an Olympian…

  1. A wonderful video … amazing sound …

  2. Ooh I can sure relate to this. As a girl with older, bigger, stronger, faster brothers .. it never occurred to me to be afraid. Just got in there & got it done!

    Wonderful video; felt like I was right there with you … peace!!


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