When I Ride…

With the Storm…

With the storm…comes growth. As I listen to the random booms from collisions of flying objects hitting the house the night before last, I thought of the damage that might result from the small tornado. I was also excited by the prospect of the growth.

Oak limbs in the yard

Just like in our lives, a storm will brew. You can prepare but when it hits, you never really know the damage until it’s over.

Limbs ripped from their tree bodies…

Twisted off

Hearts and feelings strewn over a wide debris area…but in the end….growth.

Twister damage

With the calm after the storm comes growth. We finally got a little rain with this storm. Now the growth begins. Wildflowers waiting for moisture have hope and where limbs were ripped off, new ones will push from the damaged areas in greater numbers.

Just like after a fire in the pasture, it is scary while it’s going on…but the growth that results is breathtaking.

If we choose to see it that way.

Texas Bluebonnets


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2 thoughts on “With the Storm…

  1. Wow! That limb ripped from the tree – GREAT shot but how scary was that experience???

    Love the bluebonnets .. simply gorgeous 🙂


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