When I Ride…

Homeward Bound…

When we were joined at the hip

This phase of my life is over and another will begin today. My son, my only child, has finished his active duty commitment to the United States Marine Corp.

Yep! He is a civilian, thank you God.

Four years ago, when he graduated from Bootcamp, I thought my heart would explode with the joy I felt for him. He had decided to enlist in the Marines back in elementary school. Everyday after that, became an opportunity for him to prepare for bootcamp.

When he graduated, his face shown with the power received from setting a lofty goal and accomplishing it with honors.

Bootcamp Graduation

It was one of the highest moments in my life. When he left on his deployment, it was one of the lowest. Everyday, the media bombards us with the horrible news of another soldier or marine killed in combat or someone would send me an email of a moving ceremony or funeral procession down country roads. I know they meant well, it was what they knew to do.

He returned in one piece and went on to do other things in the corp, teaching and so on.

Leaving for Deployment

After all of the worries, tears and anticipation, it’s over. For me, it’s over.

He called from just this side of El Paso. You see, he is driving home from Camp Pendleton. Homeward bound.

Thank you God, Archangel Michael, all of the ancestors who watched and smiled. Thank you families and friends and husband, for hanging in there with me and hugging with encouraging words. All that, while you all had your own challenges.

Archangel Michael

Today he is free but I have been delivered.

Watching for his truck

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8 thoughts on “Homeward Bound…

  1. WOW! I cannot believe he’s done! Seems like only yesterday we were sitting on your sofa, talking about his deployment possibilities! PRAISE GOD! Welcome home sweet soldier and THANK YOU for keeping our nation free!

  2. Those years were hard for you. Only a mother can imagine those long days.
    Congratulations for your son, is a writer:

    Paul Coelho. He wrote: Never forget to go for a dream …
    Your son right back. Thank God.

    Thank-You for helping keep us FREE!
    Can hardly wait to give you a BIG HUG!

  4. As tears pour down my face, let me say I FEEL your love for your boy in this post – as well as your pride and admiration for all he’s accomplished. I hope you can feel my gratitude for HIS service on our behalf.

    I’m a new citizen (sworn in on 5/21/08!!) and this post makes my heart simply burst with pride. 🙂

    Welcome HOME soldier & Semper Fi ~!!

    and hugs to Mom & all who waited to see him safely tucked in

    xo MJ

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