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It’s a Good Friday…

Good Friday. Being raised as a good episcopalian girl, taking my confirmation classes and then going to an episcopal boarding school, I enjoyed fish on Fridays and chapel every Tuesday.

I am so far away from that now…I sometimes miss the pomp and ritual associated with the Holy Week. I go to a predominantly Black church…gospel rhythm and blues makes up the praise music. I love my church even if my attendance has slacked quite a bit.

Today, Good Friday, I looked out my bedroom window to see what kind of day we were in for. I heard a mexican radio station playing somewhere. The men were already working and I’m sure wondering how their families were doing so far away. My son is over in East Texas visiting his best friend for the long weekend. I will be with the horses most of the day. The sun is shining, the wind, blowing.

I sat and smiled. Thank you God. I am so grateful to have another chance to show someone the love you shine on the world through me. It’s a little ray of light but because it is yours, it does great things.

Happy Easter, everyone.

God's Eye View

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2 thoughts on “It’s a Good Friday…

  1. Carmen Mattei Greenlee on said:

    How lovely…I’m giving thanks for my own Good Friday (Episcopal service at noon!) and especially for the life of my wonderful mom who passed away – quietly and peacefully – last Friday after a long illness. So happy for your wonderful boy…keep up the blogging!

  2. Beautiful………

    Happy Easter to you & yours, MJ

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