When I Ride…

Change…The Inevitable Constant

No one has to remind me how fast things can change. One day I am in Kenya with my dad and the next year he has left the planet.

One moment, I am singing with happiness and the next I am in the emergency room bleeding everywhere, getting shots in my mouth so it can be stitched up.

What’s the saying…”Life is what’s happening to you while  you’re busy making other plans” I think John Lennon wrote that, how did he know? One moment he is walking outside of his building and the next…

So the mouth thing, that happened over a year ago, no worries. It just came to me today, when I read about a man waiting for his fiance to come over and she never showed. She was killed in a wreck on her way over.

Of course, there are great, exciting things as well. Thank God for the balance…a homeless woman wins the lottery. My son has been gone for 4 years and I did all that worrying, all that praying and crying and look… here he is. Home safe and sound and ready to move on with his life and I get to watch.

This I know for sure.

I have no control over anything but my thoughts. Stuff is going to happen…it is usually not any of my business…and I can choose to thank God for the opportunity to watch or I can fret, talk about it and give my two cents worth.

My life is shifting like grains of sand on the beach

I learned something these last 4 years. Let go of the desire for things to go as planned. Be flexible and ready to step to the side. Things change…deal with it.

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2 thoughts on “Change…The Inevitable Constant

  1. Isn’t that the truth? The one thing we can count on is that “things happen.” We can’t always control which things but we can control our response. Great post & photo!

    ** glad your mouth is ok

    Cheers! MJ

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