When I Ride…

Tornados and Hail…

Clouds are Building

This is a part of Texas that is rich with weather.

Fluffy and Menacing

This time of the year, the cool fronts from the North hit the warm Gulf moisture and create fantastic thunderstorms and the glorious cloud sculptures that accompany them.

Rain on the Horizon

The last few afternoons, hail, tornados and strong winds have created chaos for the surrounding areas but for me…nothing but photo opportunities.

Typical "Anvil" Cloud

Anvil clouds are mostly composed of ice particles and form in the upper parts of thunderstorms. My grandfather loved to watch and teach about weather. He said they get their anvil shape from the rising air as it expands and spreads out when it bumps up against the bottom of the stratosphere.  The air in the stratosphere is warmer than the rising air in the anvil. It prevents the cooler anvil air from rising any farther. There is your weather lesson for the month.

The Day is Done

As I see all of this taking place…I tell Punkin to load up, I grab the camera and we drive to the highest hill on the ranch. From there I can view these giants building and have no trees, fences or arena lights in the picture. Hope you enjoy them.

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5 thoughts on “Tornados and Hail…

  1. These are stunning. Love the look of the last one especially!

  2. No matter how long the storm, the sun always shines again in the clouds.
    Your photos always shine …¡¡

  3. So glad you like them! Thank you.

  4. Loved all of the photos, especially the last. This is what I most miss about Texas – the big skies. Powerful!


  5. Beautiful! That is the sky I think of when I think of Texas. Thanks for sharing.

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