When I Ride…

Royal Wedding in Pajamas

Tea Preparations

Waking at 4:08AM to the sound of baby raccoons twittering outside of her bedroom window, my mother jumped to her feet to begin the makings of her “Wedding Tea”. My mom is an “anglophile. Someone who is especially fond of England and all that is British.

Warming the Pots.

So you can only imagine the excitement in her voice when she called to invite me to her viewing party of the Royal Wedding. At first I chuckled to myself…how silly. However, I too was soon caught up in the excitement of watching a happy bit of history in the making. There is so much horror in the world…it is a nice break from “reality”.

The Queen and "everyone else"

So it began before 5AM. So fun to watch the royal procession arrive in the Jaguars with “lesser royals” pulling up in the fancy minibuses. Have you heard of a”fascinator”? Apparently, many of the young ladies had them on. Small, stylish hats…

But then there's my mom in HER hat...Of course, we had to toast the royal Couple with Mimosas. Yes, I'm drinking champagne at 5:30 in the morning.Congratulations Kate and Will!

So, the world of the English Royalty shall continue. A vibrant young couple has captured the hearts of the romantics left in the world.

The New Couple

I have to admit…I’m one of them.

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4 thoughts on “Royal Wedding in Pajamas

  1. Loved your Mom’s hat :). I was up as well and our teenage son later told me, “Mom I heard you scurrying around; you sounded like a little kid on Christmas morning.” So true. So fun.

    I enjoyed every minute of it

    Cheers! MJ

  2. Agreed 🙂 MJ

  3. You also have your Queen Mother¡ Congratulations on the hat …

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