May Day Memories…

Mayday Flowers on the doorknob

When I was in elementary school, my mom loved to help us make a big deal out of May Day. There were a lot of girls on our street. Gathering them together, we cut construction paper, ribbon and squeezed Elmers glue to create small envelopes we could fill with wildflowers and then hang on our neighbor’s front door knobs. Hopefully, without anyone seeing us.

I remember one time, choosing who would make the scary trek to the mean people’s front door. Running full blast, Meredith and I screamed our way to the front porch, hooked the flowers over the knob then turned and ran back to the street where some of the other girls were waiting. Thinking back now, I remember the dramatic reconstruction of the 10 seconds it took and how scary it was, ect…

So funny now. We wanted to include everyone, even the grouchy older couple. It was May Day! Like the slate was swept clean for all past wrongs because it was the beginning of the summer. We were so happy school was only in session a few more days and then MONTHS till it started again. The world was wonderful.

It still is. Happy May Day!

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