When I Ride…

House Sitting…

Mom got out and met me at the back of the car where I pulled her suitcase out. Her smile held excitement and a little trepidation. I can text you from France if I have an emergency, she said. What kind of emergency?

Uh oh…stop me…I’m having too much fun in Provence?

Just take lots of pictures with your new camera. I’ve got it all here, mom.


Mom's Entry

House sitting for my mom is like a vacation for me. Great house, my best girlfriend lives in town, there is a gym and yoga classes, a Whole Foods Grocery down the street and best of all…all the movies I could ever want to watch at the multi-super-gazillion screen theater a few minutes away.

Yea! Like walking through a candy store with nothing but chocolate!

Macho Man Mini Rooster

So far, the only challenge is Earl. He is the dominant male in mom’s aviary. A chapo (short)… little rooster, he likes to show his machismo as I leave the small but luxurious bird house.

…And, STAY OUT, he squawks as I turn to leave. He rushes my legs and tries to get me with those little “spurs” of his.

Hey! You little shrimp…why I ought to just kick you to kingdom come. Well…maybe not. You have to have some kind of fun. All you have is one little hen and a bunch of doves and parakeets to pick on. Might as well be the hero by attacking the..uh…giant…that feeds and waters you.
So, Punkin and I are gonna hang out at mom’s for a few days. Doing nothing? Well…, that never happens. Stay tuned…

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3 thoughts on “House Sitting…

  1. Are good friends the parrot and the dove? It is very graceful and sweet.

  2. They live together, they are roommates. It is sweet.

  3. I want to come stay at your Mom’s house!! Wow – beautiful 🙂 MJ

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