When I Ride…

Boil Your Water…

That’s what the notice left on the courtyard gate says. Apparently, a loss of power in this small community, constitutes the need to boil the tap water until further notice.


Mom’s part of the street is on an old water well system…

That’s cool. The Leopard Frog’s tadpoles in mom’s fountain don’t mind. Neither do the multitude of pot plants I have been assigned to water.

I’ll bet tomorrow I will get a notice that it’s safe to drink again…no big deal. Or…there will be some other little adventure that in a third world country , they would be saying,.. really? What’s the big deal?


Maybe I’ll schedule a mammogram AND a bone density test on the same morning and just make sure of it. Wouldn’t want things to get too dull around here.

Right, Budgie?

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One thought on “Boil Your Water…

  1. That good photographies! The variety of topics always does interesting to your blog…

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