When I Ride…

Bye, Bye, Sarah…

Me and Poodle- 1960

While I was making oatmeal, the phone rang. A friend of mine was on the line asking me if I would go with him to the vet. His law partner, yes, lawyers have hearts…had a sweet old golden retriever, Sarah. Sarah was done. Done in that she had lived a most excellent life with Kurt and then with his father until one day, her body said…no more.

Today was the day.

I quickly turned off the stove top and ran to get dressed. I heard the truck pull up and Brad honked.

Jumping into the dually, I was greeted by Olive.    Olive is Brad and his wife, Leigh’s, “dog-child”.

Olive being cute

We call her, Miss Pooch-inski. She was there to give Sarah moral support on the way to the vet. I think moral support for Brad as well. Picking Sarah up at Kurt’s, we gently load her in the cab with us and drove out to Dripping Springs. The vet is also a personal friend which made the whole event a bit easier.

We talked to Sarah while Lamar got the medicine ready for the injection. We reminded her of Winston, her old running buddy,  and how he would greet her as she made the transition back to dog heaven. You will run pain- free sweet girl. We are happy for you, just a little sad for the humans that get left behind.

Afterwards, we drove her body out to the country to be buried next to some other faithful and loyal canine friends that had made the transition. A backhoe was ready to dig the hole.

So as Brad gently placed Sarah in her resting place, I thought of all those special animal friends I have said goodbye to through the years. First dog, Poodle. She was a poodle and that was her name. Then the German Shepherd- Princess, Dalmation- Daisy, English Setter- Luke, Shepherd Mix-Nicky, Blue Lacy- Ronnie, Blue Heeler- Sister and now my precious mix- Punkin. God has always graced me with a good friend and family to be by my side when the time came. I am grateful I got to return the favor.


Reminded me to hug Punkin a little longer than usual when I got home.

Sharing a cookie with Princess

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6 thoughts on “Bye, Bye, Sarah…

  1. karen on said:

    Funny, we think we choose them for pets, but God had it planned all along…

  2. Curt on said:

    Thank you so much for helping Brad with Sarah, Lissa. I had hoped Sarah would wait for my return from duty, but she couldn’t wait. I’m glad she had such tender care in my absence. She was well loved and gave my family her best.


  3. Aww …sweet Sarah … I’m sorry for their loss but glad you were there for support.

    They are such loving and kind souls, if only all were as loved as she.

    What a beautiful post!


  4. They are so devoted to us. Thank you for your soft heart.

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