When I Ride…

Hey! Go Home and Go to Work…

Horses Waiting

Will you go grab a couple of horses and help me and the men bring the cows to the pens?”

My first assignment since I drove back up to the ranch for the weekend. I received it over the phone while on the other side of the ranch taking photos of the sun coming up in the heavy fog sitting on us yesterday morning. Well, this is a conundrum. The light is only going to be like this for a few minutes…oh what the heck. Load up, Punkin.

All the ranch geldings were out in the pasture so I hooked up to the stock trailer and drove there. These guys love to go to the barn. All I have to do is open the trailer gates and 4 or 5 of them jump in sometimes pushing and shoving to make sure they get on. This time, Sparky, our little Shining Spark stud jumped on along with his friends Samuel, Spur and Buddy. Okay, you guys! That’s all for now.

Horse Taxi

I knew my hubby would like to ride Spur, the super horse. Tames Brangus bulls in a single bound! That’s another story…

So, we are headed out to the cows, me trying to take pictures of hubby’s back. He only rides when he has to now. We used to ride for fun, but turns out I was the only one having fun. It’s a work thing for him. Better get these shots while I can.

You go to that point by the oak mott and I’ll go around”, he said. Here he came, the majority had followed the feed truck down the road but with Brangus, there always seems to be two or three that turn around with their calves and run in the opposite direction.

Calling for cattle location

We tried to bring them along but they kept breaking for the brush. Hubby pulled up next to me with a big possum grin. Look what we have here, he said. He was holding the cinch in his hand. Since that is the strap that holds the saddle on the horse’s back…I said, let’s just stop then or can you fix it?

I’m fine…I’ll just keep him at a trot. C’mon! He said it was easier than riding bareback so…there we went. He is gathering wild cows sitting on a saddle that isn’t connected to Spur’s back and we are going up and down into creek beds and…

Notice: Your cinch is swinging, Hubby.

Of course, nothing happened.

We let the cows stay in the pasture and just fixed the gates so that when they decided to follow their girlfriends, they could.

Back at the barn, gates were being set to move cattle smoothly from one pen to the next. My son is back! He jumps in there with a big smile on his face…I love doing this, mom…and we start spraying and worming cows.

Back home with the Cows

Thanks to good help and men who know these cows on a personal level…we were done lickity split!

Great Help

Afterwards, my most favorite son, jumped on my cow horse and pushed them all out into new grazing. Moms calling for calves and calves just calling. Now for those ladies we had to leave behind…we will just handle that tomorrow.

Goodnight, Sun

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2 thoughts on “Hey! Go Home and Go to Work…

  1. The whole family working and you prop joined. It is good.
    Since always the best photographies can be observed.

  2. One of the joys of my life is knowing that my son appreciates and enjoys the work of his family. We have always been ranchers. Thank you, God.

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