A Dip at Barton Springs…

What better way for me to celebrate life than to jump into the 68 degree waters of Barton Springs pool? When we were kids, we brought masks and fins to swim because you could see fresh water eels and turtles in the water. I always feel like I have done something really good for myself when I crawl out of there. It’s refreshing and clean feeling.


It’s also a great place to people watch. Back in the 1970’s the baby end was also the territory of the top-less sunbathers. Back when Armadillo Headquarters was still the best music venue in Austin and Stevie Ray was alive. Austin has changed a lot but it is still a tolerant, creative and inspiring place to live and hang out.


The pool is 3 acres and fed by springs that were created by the Balcones fault line. Native people considered them sacred and healing. It is framed by 100 year old pecan trees and became federally protected in 1992 due to its namesake, the Barton Springs Salamander. It is a must see place and is open all year. It actually feels kind of warm in the winter when the air’s temperature is below 68F.

Family Time
Time with Friends

I stand at the edge

The end of a road that I have followed

Sinking from the weight of my own world

Wanting the waves of Your ways to wash my feet

Healing waters – Hezekiah Walker

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