Darting Antelope…

6:20AM more or less

That’s right…I said darting. 

Today was the day to get up before the birdies, saddle and feed Minnow, grab the radio and head out to the Fishhook Pasture to locate Sable Antelope.

Well…I can hear them but they can’t hear me…how is that gonna help?

Anyway, these big suckers get full run of the ranch. So when a buyer comes to pick some up, first the herd has to be located. The veterinarian then shoots a small drug dart into their behind and after a couple of minutes…we drag a drugged up goofy sable into a clean, thickly bedded snug animal transport trailer.

He is then taken to a zoo or protected area to make new little sables. YEA!

One of the cool things I get to do is watch and learn…and take pictures. Every once in a while I get to help. Today, I just kept an eye on the herd from horseback. If they moved off into the brush, Minnow and I could follow and radio back their location.

During the winter, we fed these beauties alfalfa from the trucks so they don’t run when they see us. The dart gun is quiet so they still don’t spook. It’s like living in a National Geographic Magazine, to tell the truth!

Everyone involved is a professional so it was quick, smooth and quiet. Thanks to the veterinarian handling the dart gun, the animals stayed calm and there were no injuries to man or beast.

Large Male

The Sable Antelope is native to Eastern Africa. The can be ferocious and have been known to kill a lion when defending others in the herd. Poor little Texas coyotes don’t have a chance!

Job well done…time for a beer. Oh wait…it’s only 7:30 in the morning.

After it was over, there were lots of pats on the backs, the new owner jumped in his helicopter and flew back to his place. The sable are making their way to South Texas and I head back to the barn the long way.

Stopped in to see Mr. Skunk.


He sure got my and Minnow’s attention but never even glanced at us.

Not that I mind so much…

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