We Are All One…

Mita kuye Oyasin…We are all one. The Lakota saying was written in red spray paint on a piece of plywood, leaning up against a fence on the side of the road. I did a U-Turn to take a photo.

Driving down the highway that connects the South end with the North end of the Texas Hill Country, I am so used to seeing the landmarks that are familiar and have become obscure. I always have my faithful traveling companion in the back with my clothes and stuff I think I can’t do without. 

She is really enjoying her summer haircut in the 101F degree days we have been having lately.

Are we there yet?

The road time can be lonely but I feel a little in limbo right now. I have a dream, a goal I am taking steps toward. It takes place in the country I grew up in. I love where I have lived for the past 15 years but I have grown and so have my dreams. So I am in the in between place.

But no matter where I am, I am connected to those who love me and the world around me. I am never separated. We are all one.

6 thoughts on “We Are All One…

  1. I like this one.It resonates well.We really are all one and we all go full circle and it doesn’t mean we are lost,on the contrary,like the seasons, change is good,you must embrace change like a fresh breath of mountain air.
    Breathe deep young child and look far to your horizon,walk in faith and confidence,your destiny is written down and isn’t it exciting to wonder where it will take you.We must all repack our bags,at times.
    These times,they are a’ changing!

  2. I know the feeling to be away from the people and places called “home”. I also know the driving destiny that brings us back I, too, have dreams and goals that I will conquer in this new chapter of my life. This “crossroad” so to speak. At this crossroad, there will be trials and tribulations and challenges to face, but the enthusiasm of being back “home” after experiencing time away in a land called “God’s Country” where nature is your family and source of peace, lives inside of me forever. What I experienced with my eyes and heart there, I did from the back of my horse, my first horse of twenty years. What my horse has taught me is the true inspiration. As a yearling, freshly weaned and hot branded, she was sold at an auction somewhere in th Hill Country, Seguin or Round Top. According to my research based on her brand “16” (i.e. “Sweet”) , a large ranch in Llano sold out along with the livestock. She was then picked up and bought by someone and then dumped at a ghost ranch in San Marcos where she ran loose on 500 acres with another horse who was being boarded. She was probably two years old by this time. The owner of the ghost ranch was an elderly lady, Nola Stork, who was a recluse. I know all of this because I rented a cabin on the ranch. I befriended the horse who was still as wild as the wind and asked Nola if I could have her. She said yes as long as I take her off the property. My boyfriend at the time was a cutting horse trainer and I asked him to
    instruct me on breaking her the humane way. After four hours, she finally submitted to me, turned to me, and walked up to me. I sacked her out , put my saddle on, got on and walked her to the trailer and loaded her up and took her to a horse breeding and training facility that we operated in Kingsbury, near Seguin. She began her career as a turn back horse and later, a trail horse. She taught me everything. Patience, unconditional love, trust, loyalty, and over twenty plus years, we have ridden in five different states and on trails as hight as 12,000 feet. We have seen all of God’s creatures like bears, eagles, elk, and have been in so many life threatening situations that it is truly God’s watch that kept us safe. Five years ago, SWEET gave me a colt,HYATT, whom I imprinted at birth. HYATT is the dream gelding, a good and solid
    horse that will take care of me for another twenty plus years…..I can only imagine what we will do together as his mother, SWEET, settles into retirement. I brought them back home, to the Hill Country, Texas where we can begin our next journey .

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