Never Stop Learning…

“For me, the essence of a medicine man’s life is to be humble, to have great patience, to be close to the Earth, to live as simply as possible, and to never stop learning.”
— Archie Fir Lame Deer, LAKOTA

In frustration, a couple of weeks ago, a dear friend said…I am 55 years old, Lissa. I’m not going to change.
I think I understand what he was trying to say. That there is a basic truth that we hold for ourselves and that his wasn’t going to change. However, with age, I have never wanted to change as much as I do now.
I feel like a new sponge…ready to suck up the wisdom, new experiences and oppurtunities to tweek myself in ways I have never been interested in before. It started when my son left on his first deployment as a Marine. With that exit, came the realization that he was my life and that didn’t feel healthy. If something happened to him, would that mean the end of me?

At that point, the answer was yes and I knew I must change that.
I thought I was just traveling, reading and starting new projects to keep myself distracted at his absence but I was really growing. God does it like that. You think you are doing one thing but turns out He is shaping you from behind the screen.
So here I am now…little by little…making the trips down to the family ranch to do this and that to the barn to make it safer for horses.

Old Barn needs a little work

I have a great new shed to park the living quarters trailer under and hook up to electricity and so I have a place to stay while I’m working on these projects and one day…one day…I will live here again. Back on the land I grew up on but had to move away from to grow and learn …and change.

4 thoughts on “Never Stop Learning…

  1. So daniel left on Tuesday, gone for a month, giving me a trial run on empty nesting., before the real thing this Fall.. I’m feeling it. Thank you for the reminder of how beautiful things can be, having faith, and leaving the details to God!

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