When I Ride…

Latin: versātilis- revolving, many-sided…

Well, looky here! I have been awarded the    “Versatile Blogger” Award!


Look what this little, back in the pasture, up and down the back roads, country blog just won!

My blogging buddy, Emjay at : http://emjayandthem.wordpress.com,  bestowed this upon me and I really am quite honored. Everyone needs a little refreshing pick me up and this award sure did it for me, I’ll tell ya!

What is really fun about this award are all the little things I have been asked to do to go along with it.

Here’s the deal…it is requested I share some of my favorite blogs with my readers…a chance to share with you, those  fun and interesting folks you may not know yet. Okay, that’s coming…then I need to thank and show the link of the blogger who gave me this award, mi amiga Emjay…thank you so much! Done.

I am also supposed to share, 7 things you may not know about me. YIKES! Seven?

Then I will present this award to bloggers that I think are VERSATILE bloggers and let them know I have chosen them. This is kind of like the Oscars! Bloggers awarding fellow bloggers but no red carpet or “who are you wearing?” questions…

So, let’s get this party started…here are 7 things…silly things…but facts, nonetheless…

1. My family nickname is Lizard

2. I can’t wait until my hair is all the way silver (2/3 of the way there)

3. I wanted to be a ballerina and an actress when I grew up

4. I like skunk smell

5. When I was little I used to pretend I was a wild mustang during thunderstorms

6. I cry every time I sing our national anthem

7. I can still do two cartwheels in a row (10 minutes of stretching required prior)

Arrrgh! Okay, not too painful.

Now for the GOOD part!

I know it’s in Spanish but I have to share : http://1cruzdelsur.wordpress.com/ The author, Cruz del Sur lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina and his posts are poetic, the music is relative to his subject and the photos catch moments in a country of which I know so little but am learning about through his posts.

Please check out Emjayandthem’s Blog. The link is above. She has great observations about the nature of the human, shares funny stories and is straight forward about her advice. A real “upper”.

For amazing photos of one of my favorite things…surfers and waves, check out, http://russellord.wordpress.com

Russell’s work is new to me and I catch myself spending unusual amounts of time with my mouth hanging open while gazing at his surf photos, under water and above.

http://veederranch.com is the site of Jessie Veeder, rancher, poet, musician and photographer. Her daily activities are usually good for a giggle. I really like reading about the Badlands of North Dakota, where the Veeder Ranch is located.

June’s Full Moon

One more…gosh there are so many but I will stop with this one for now…

Confessions of a Struggling Dressage Rider    http://dressagerider.wordpress.com

I like this blog because the writer, Lee Cullen, is so real about what she goes through in making herself a better rider. She really inspires me.

So, there it is. Thanks for reading. I know you will enjoy the blogs I have mentioned here. They are the award winners I have chosen and even if you only visit them once…you are seeing and reading about something you may not have even known existed before. Live and learn…and thanks for my little green square!

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4 thoughts on “Latin: versātilis- revolving, many-sided…

  1. Thank you for sharing this moment. Sharing is something that the world sometimes forgets.
    Every day we wake up, today is a different day.
    Congratulations you Versatille Blogger. You deserve it for the simplicity and joy to see things in the way of life.

  2. Mary K. Dunn on said:

    Congratulations! You are versatile…your pictures of great, peaceful, inspiring and your observations thoughtful…You deserve the award! I enjoy every post.

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