Day 5: Something I hope to do in my life…

When I think about the long list of things I hope to do in my life, including:

1. See the Taj Mahal

2. Open a riding stable on our old family ranch

3. Ride in the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee

4. Ride a camel to Giza

5. Ride an elephant in Thailand

A friend's daughter riding in a pink tutu.

The one I think is the most important and I think of the most often is living long enough and being healthy enough to teach my grandchildren how to ride horses.

Of course, neither my son or step-daughter are even married. Not that it is a pre-requisite these days…

But the thought of watching those grand kids climb up there and grow in their confidence, then chatter away as we ride out into the pastures, just pulls the corners of my mouth out so far I can feel my face stretching.

It’s a wonderful dream.

7 thoughts on “Day 5: Something I hope to do in my life…

  1. 1st time here ^_^ One thing I hope I could do right away now is to quit my job and stay at home taking care of my kids. I miss my kids so much as I have to leave them to stay with my parent for the time being as I don’t opt to send them to the nursery.

    I would love to see the Taj Mahal as well!

    1. I feel ya! I went back to school when I was thirty and missed my son’s first steps because he was at the nursery. The main thing is the time we were together was QUALITY time and we are still very close 23 years later.

  2. Taj Mahal is one of the NOT so many existing symbol of a GRAND TRUE LOVE! One of the place someone must visit before ones died.

    I was spooked and face warmed with tears. So emotional…

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