When I Ride…

Day 7: Someone who has helped make my life worth living…

Now this is an interesting question.

Of course as a mom, my first thought is of my son. My whole purpose in life while he was little and needed me was to protect, nuture and try to teach both by example AND a few thoughtful conversations…how to play, love and find joy in his life.

Then as a wife, the relationship I have with my husband is one of the biggest adventures I have ever been on and I LOVE adventures. I thrive on adventure…I mean if there was not something different coming up I would just wither away. I’m not kidding…I gotta keep it spicy.

My mom has been a constant source of love. When I have been my most alone, I knew she was there even if I didn’t want to be with her at the moment.

But the person who really jumps out at me is ….. me. The little girl I promised so long ago, that if she would just hang in there…I would show her it would be more fun, more loving, more exciting and more adventurous…if she would stay here and not go back where she came from.

It might be harder here on Earth at times, but the rewards are so huge, so all encompassing, that to leave…well, I would just end up missing the greatest trip of a lifetime. My life.

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5 thoughts on “Day 7: Someone who has helped make my life worth living…

  1. thirdhandart on said:

    Wonderful post! I agree – sometimes, you gotta just hang in there!

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  3. Awesome Post 🙂 WTG for hanging in there!

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