Day 9: Didn’t mean to loose touch…

Remember when there was a time when you thought this person will be your best friend forever? Now I don’t even know where she is.

How do people drift apart?

Well, when your young and boys are out there for the dating, there are parties to go to, it’s all about how you look and finding an apartment… a fun roommate, you want to work just enough to pay utilities and gasoline because a real job cuts into your social life…that was when I met Wendy.

We weren’t roommates but we talked about it. Instead, I bought a one bedroom condo and she leased an apartment on the hill above me. We would call and talk each other through the crazy, harsh lightning storms that hit during the summer. We went to the springs to swim and tan in every free moment and borrowed each other’s makeup and clothes to dress up and go out at night. Wendy was  “sparkley”.

She was a real head-turner and I felt beautiful when I was with her. It just rubbed off on me. She was a dancer and a producer. I modeled in some of her vintage clothing shows and learned about dance and teaching aerobics. It was the 80’s. We ruled.

Then we got cross-wise about a boy.

Neither one of us really cared about dating him but somehow it became an issue and we quit calling each other to do things.

Now…here I am, so much farther down the road. In hind-sight, it really is ridiculous. We were best friends.

I am sure she is probably married and has a different last name. I do.

I have tried to find her using the internet, looking in phone books, calling information on the phone, but I lost touch with all of those people when I got married. I don’t know who to ask about where she might be. I will keep on looking. I will continue to send out my message to the Universe….hey, Wendy Smith!  Are you out there?

Maybe I will run into her in the airport somewhere. Maybe in the grocery store of some far away city. Maybe she will read this blog post.

Somewhere over the rainbow...

Would I recognize her? I would like to think so. She was so sparkly…

7 thoughts on “Day 9: Didn’t mean to loose touch…

  1. This post made me genuinely sad! It’s so rough when we girls let guys come between us. I’ hope you are able to reconnect! The internet is a great and wonderful place sometimes, and I’m sure it’ll help bring you back together eventually.

  2. Since dad died I have had two messages from ‘ex best friends’ who I had fallen out with and lost touch with – meant so much to me that they put the past aside to send a little hello. Hope you find her!

    1. I have had an experience like that recently only the other way around. With emails and the internet, it seems like we have all gotten so impersonal. Little ways of connecting really mean alot.

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