Day 10: What do people compliment me on…?

I guess I get the most compliments on being…the same.

When a cowboy said that to me the first time, I asked him what he meant. You are always the same, he said. Some people you never know what you’re gonna get if it’s been awhile since you have seen them. With you, it is always the same. Laid back and in no big hurry.

At the time I thought, how boring is that? To always be the same, sounds dull, monotonous and uninspiring.

The hippos are coming, the hippos are coming!

As I hear it from others, I realise that what they are saying is… they like the dependability. They like that I am always up for it…whatever IT is. I will try almost anything new as long as I don’t think it’s foolhardy. I may get a little down sometimes but I always pop back. I do what I say I am going to do and if you will give me a time to be there, I will pretty much be on time. I am loyal and even if we don’t talk for awhile, I won’t take it personally. When we do talk again, it will be like it was just yesterday. I am not ruled by my emotions. They stay pretty even, except when I am mourning the loss of someone or something I truly loved. It takes me a little while to get back to my old self but I’ll be there soon.

I’ll be back and I’ll be …the same.

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