When I Ride…

Mother Earth’s Greeting…

The fan in my bedroom drowned out any sudden or startling sounds of the early morning. Here at the ranch, everyone gets up early to get most of the work done before the temperature rises to 103F.

As I pulled my feet out from under the sheets and set them on the cool, mexican tile floor, I pulled my hair out of my face and sat for a moment on the side of the bed. My mind was groggy with the dreams of the early morning. I have gotten to a place in my dreams now, where during the dream, I realize I can change what is happening and make a better outcome. Like going up to the toolbar on the computer and clicking the “undo” button.

As a child I was ruled by nightmares during my sleeping. I rarely have one now and most of my dreams are created and altered by me as they unfold.

I turned off the air conditioner and opened the three doors to the morning that awaits me. Nadia and Brita meow through the screen, asking for a morning treat. Just a minute. Let me get a can of birdseed.

This is my morning routine. I scooped the birdseed out of it’s container and grabbed a cat snack on my way out the door. Here you are…now leave the birds alone, you two. They weren’t listening, already head down and kitty butts up into their snacks.

Walking to the birdfeeder, I saw the Painted Bunting that has been gracing us with his presence. The most colorful bird in this part of the country…it’s always a gift when I see him on the feeder. A beautiful ornament that God so generously placed on the tree.

Elder’s Meditation of the Day – July 10
“Each soul must meet the morning sun, the new, sweet earth, and the great silence alone.”
— Charles Alexander Eastman, OHIYESA SANTEE SIOUX
Each morning a new sun for a new day arises. Each morning the sweet perfume from the Mother Earth spreads across the land. This combination of sun, earth, smell and quiet is a magic door for me to enter to kneel before the Grandfathers. The sacred time to commune with the Great Spirit.

Oh Great Spirit, I humbly stand before You along with the new sun, the Mother Earth and the smells of the morning. I ask You to direct my thinking today. Let me live in the silence. Teach me Your wisdom, Teach me to love my brothers and sisters. Let me respect the things You have made. 

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8 thoughts on “Mother Earth’s Greeting…

  1. thirdhandart on said:


  2. I wish I could script my dreams. Sounds like you have a beautiful life 🙂

  3. Doctor Shoko on said:

    I, myself, do not believe in God, but lately, I’ve been trying to start and talk through ‘spirits’. Something that is close to the Shinto spirituality in Japan, that is not about the gods themselves, but about nature. I’m trying to adapt that, and posts like this really inspire me to continue.

    I love the way you wrote this 🙂

    • Shinto has always reminded me of the indigenous spirituality of the First Nations/Native American people. I find it comforting to believe that there is something bigger than us out there whether we can “see” it or not. I am happy that this post appealed to you. Thank you.

  4. Stunning sunrise photo!!!

  5. Love the quote. Resonates with me. It’s lonely, beautiful, and brave.
    (I’m catching up on my reading!)

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