Day 15: Something or someone you can’t live without…

This question is not to be taken literally…otherwise the answer would be obvious and boring…food, water and oxygen. So let’s spice it up a bit and say, something I would RATHER not have to do without. Relationships. That would definitely be the top thing I would not live without. The most important…mine and God’s. But next…?

Today, I am getting the horses taken care of, clothes washed, car tidy and full of gas and I’m off! One of my best friend’s mom died. A wonderfully long life but still…it’s her mom. We are all rushing to be with her and last time we did this, we all crowded into her big king size bed and just slept over. All of us, loving each other and just happy to be together. My husband, family, friends…wouldn’t want to live without a single one.

Second place, the animals in my life. Whose neck would I hug and bury my face into? Whose little face could I stroke when I am sitting outside in the evening? Who would follow me around like I was the most wonderful thing in the Universe? Gotta have those warm, furry, hairy creatures to lower my heart rate and keep me sane and grounded.

Third place, my husband’s healthy, wonderful cooking. Since he has started these triathlons, we have turned into “food snobs”. We eat organic, fresh and wonderfully prepared food thanks to him. Last night’s salmon, melt in our mouths. Thank you, honey.

Fourth, all of my senses. Yea…don’t worry, this is the last one.

Everyday and every moment, my healthy body rewards me with the sights, sounds, smells and feelings that accompany my life here on Earth. Here in my “earth suit”, my spirit can walk to the highest mountain, listen to a mockingbird in the pasture, watch a wolf spider walk across the window screen as I write on the computer or admire last night’s full moon…and drink delicious hot tea first thing in the morning…with a little honey in it.

Thank God…I don’t have to live without ANY of those things.

3 thoughts on “Day 15: Something or someone you can’t live without…

  1. I have really enjoyed all of your daily challenge posts! Very thought provoking!! I’m sorry I am behind in my commenting but I am reading them steadily … and learning lots of interesting things about you.

    Wonderful 🙂 Cheers, MJ

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