Day 16: Someone or Something I COULD live without…

Well, someone I would love to live without…is my ego. Ms. E.G.O.

Defined as The Self, especially as distinct from the world and other selves…she sure does cause me a lot of anguish.

Mainly because she thinks she is separate from others…like she really has her own life. Well, okay, it is definitely hers , she is living it but even the guy bagging her groceries is affected by it. We are all connected. What happens to one person in Iraq, will affect one person in Austin, Texas. We may not be able to sit and watch the manifestation but I truly believe that in the big picture, it is happening.

I could live without Bill Maher. He probably is just playing a character when he spews all the sensational c*^@ that comes from his show but it just seems mean-spirited. Not mad at him, just don’t care for his behavior.

I would love to live without fire ants. I mean really…we have enough ants to aerate the soil, don’t we? Those suckers are so mean, they wait until they get all the way up my pants leg before they give the signal and sting simultaneously. Pre-meditated meanness.

Road rage. Why are so many people in such a hurry that no one else’s feelings or safety are a priority anymore?

Pimples. I was plagued with acne as a teenager. The scars are mental as well as physical. Thank God, those days are over.

Anchovies…they will ruin anything they touch because once they touch something…pizza or my blouse…it’s going to smell or taste that way for ever. No really, forever.

The sticker burrs that grow on the plants down by the water. Every animal that walks through them to drink, gets one or two or sometimes more caught in their hair and fur. If they aren’t removed, they will burrow down into the skin of the animal, become very hard to get out and cause an infection. I know nature planned it that way but geeezzzzz. Not good.

Okay, that is my main list of things I could do without. Since I don’t like those things, I don’t have photos of them.

Here is something I like just for fun.

We are going to the coast for a vacation…not this beach but the one in the south of Texas. Look out shrimp, you are on my list of things I love. I will try and continue the posts but I might miss one. I’ll catch up though. Till then…



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