Day 20: Whew, only 10 more left…

But today’s question is: what are your views on drugs and alcohol? …Bring it on!!!! Sorry, uncalled for…

If you are talking about illegal drugs or under age drinking, well of course, I am not going to say ,”oh, yea! It’s alright to break the law“.

I know that laws were originally created to keep the general population safe. I have no problem with that intention. The thing is, when something like drugs or alcohol are illegal...the price goes up.(link) In money and in lives.

People are not going to stop if they are hooked, they will just find another way to get MORE money to pay and they will steal. That is when the innocent and not so innocent get killed.


Now about the alcohol…I like a nice glass of wine. I absolutely LOVE a gin and tonic when I am camping or somewhere outside roughing it. It is sooo refreshing and a good cold beer,…

Tana River, Kenya

Okay, as you can tell, I have no problem with alcohol. No, I mean…I’m not an alcoholic so alcohol is not a problem for me. However, there are a lot of people that are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Some think it is a moral issue and look down on those who are out of control of that part of their lives. Addiction is a brain disease, you don’t have a choice whether you are an addict or not.

When someone is not balanced in the way they drink it, say, no food on your stomach…too much in one sitting…driving when your drunk…10,000 Americans were killed last year by drunk driving, now, that just plain ol sucks.

Everything in moderation, or if you have a problem and will acknowledge it, get help and don’t partake. Would you agree? I mean you can actually drink too much water and even sun burns if you get too much.

Then you have to take some ibuprofen or aspirin…but now we are back to drugs…

Today’s vacation photo:

Fishermen on the lake


3 thoughts on “Day 20: Whew, only 10 more left…

  1. I’m pretty much with you in my opinion about drugs and alcohol. I believe that the biggest problem with drugs and alcohol is prohibition.

    Nice post. I like the photos 🙂

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