Day 22: Something I wish I hadn’t done…? Get my days mixed up would be first…

I think I just wrote yesterday that I believe regret is a waste of time. Still…there are things I wish had done differently. I know that I am unable to see the big picture, that I can’t see a situation from the “Universe’s” perspective. However, you wonder what if…?

I may look back one day and understand that the beautiful place I am in, at that moment, could not have happened unless the “regretful” thing had come to pass.

However, for the sake of this post and because I am part of this challenge, I will admit that there are relationships in my life that I wish I had let go of sooner.

I have a tendency to hang in there until the truth finally slaps me in the face and sometimes that has been a literal “slap”. I really want to believe that people are better than they are behaving. I want to give second, third and fourth chances to people, to make sure I didn’t quit too soon and miss something totally spectacular.

I have quit a horse too soon and watched it go on and flourish in someone else’s hands. What if I had hung in there a bit longer?

But truly, even though I may have a hard time believing it at the moment, I generally do believe that everything is as it should be and it is going to turn out all right. Faith that I am being led by something so much greater than anything I can imagine, keeps my chin up, looking for the next great moment in my life. I really don’t have the time to look back and wish I hadn’t done it that way…

The photos are from South Padre Island , Texas, where we are having a family vacation. The Gulf is cool and the sun is hot, swells about five feet. We rent a condominium one block from the beach and have really enjoyed cooking for ourselves instead of the restaurant scene. The little town is full of people because in Mexico, right across the border, the kids are going back to school next week. The Ridley Turtles are hatching in the protected areas and if you time it right, the people who take care of the nesting areas will supervise a release of new hatchlings and you can watch. That is next on our list of things to do. Hope your summer, (in the northern hemisphere) is going well, too. Peace.

7 thoughts on “Day 22: Something I wish I hadn’t done…? Get my days mixed up would be first…

  1. Dear friend, You continue to amaze me… I too have held on persons or things, at times with a death grip, only to find out later that letting go was such a blessing… thank you for reminding me.
    ps. bring me back a shell!

  2. I really could relate to this post, Lissa. I’ve hung in there too long with friendships etc, too. I’m learning to “take stock” and cut out the toxic ones to make room for the good. It’s a hard lesson, though, because it’s ingrained behavior.

    Please post photos of the Ripley turtles if you can .. would love to see them 🙂 And have some yummy Tex-Mex for me 🙂 Cheers, MJ

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