Day 24 – Make a playlist for someone, and explain why you chose those songs.

Someone made a playlist for me one time. It was a surprise and  fun to listen to the songs they thought I would like. I wish I had asked them why they chose those particular songs. It’s always interesting  to hear what others think I would like and why. Sometimes when people give me things for a birthday or whatever reason, I love hearing why they chose that gift. Kind of an insight as to who they think I am.

I haven’t asked anyone’s permission to use them in this post and I want to go ahead and publish it since we drive all day tomorrow.

So here is a playlist to me: some of my favorite songs and why.


1. Harvest Moon- Neil Young- This has just the right amount of country feel and romance to it to make me listen and actually want to sing it someone.

2. Brick House– The Commodores- I know, this song is raunchy, sexy and probably not on the play list of any feminist. It’s so in your face though, I just like how it lets it all hang out.

3. Main Title (I Had A Farm In Africa)– John Barry- This is the first song of the soundtrack from the movie, Out of Africa with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford. When I hear this song I feel like I could fly. This movie is one of my favorites and the music is so big, it stretches me to the horizon. It just makes me feel good.

4. Theme song from The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. Written by Ennio Morricone. This music and the men’s voices in the background, is exciting, mysterious and one of a kind. I just get all giggly when I hear it. Plus, I love Clint Eastwood.

5. I Gotta Feeling– Black Eyed Peas- This song is such an upper. I love it when it comes on the radio down at the barn. I just dance around the shed row and the horses think I’m crazy.

6. Rolling in the Deep– Adele- I sing it loud and sing it proud when I hear this on the radio. Many a time have I held an imaginary microphone and belted it out to my imaginary audience.

7. Hit Me With Your Best Shot– Pat Benatar- The title says it all. I liked that tough girl image from the 1980’s.

8. Blackbird-The Beatles- So full of hope and moving forward into your life. Should be someone’s theme song.

9. Say, Say, Say– Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson- I love these two guys together. Their voices just lift me up and it was great fun to sing to. It’s always fun when two of your favorites collaborate.

That’s all for now…I could go on and on. It was fun remembering these songs. I looked the lyrics up online and sang each one before I wrote it down.

Photos from my last day of vacation…

3 thoughts on “Day 24 – Make a playlist for someone, and explain why you chose those songs.

  1. I will definitely listen to these tomorrow. Most of them I have heard before, and they bring back such wonderful memories, even to a young girl born in the 80s 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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