Day 27: The best thing going for me right now is…

…the desire to move forward. I’m excited about my future and I’m feeling confident enough to take risks. My mom would laugh to read that. She says I have been taking those risks my entire life. Yea…well, I mean the bigger mental ones.

With small baby steps I am moving toward my dream of opening a day spa/ stable, out on Storm Ranch which is our old family ranch down in Dripping Springs, Texas. My grandparents put it together back in the early 1950’s. They raised beautiful Polled Hereford cattle and it was a real showplace in its day.

It is kind of stuck in the past, in my opinion. I don’t have any plans of single handedly doing anything wild and crazy to bring it into 2012, but I know I would like to create a space that is condusive to healing and learning. My plan is to have a spa atmosphere with a riding stable that is for teaching, not just recreational riding. There would also be mountain biking and nature trails to walk. It is a fairly big place and some of it is under the Hill Country Conservancy, which will keep it free from development. A nice big green zone.

I guess my dreams and imagination are the best thing going for me right now. A supportive family and a great coalition of talented friends that I can call on for ideas, brainstorming and just plain fun when I need play time.

Las Yequas Day Spa and Stable. One day soon…

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