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Day 29: Something I want to Change About Myself and Why…

I think if I could change anything…it would be… to be more aware of how other people are affected by what I say. I can be fairly no nonsense, black or white. I have hurt people’s feelings by not stopping to consider how what I just said, might affect them.

Mom, my "victim"

I have picked myself up by the bootstraps…as they say, quite a few times and I don’t have a lot of patience for someone who wants to go over their “poor me” story over and over.

I will listen but I think it would be nice if I could come up with a sensitive or compassionate response, like…that must have really hurt…or gosh, that must have been traumatic! I don’t know…just something that isn’t so insensitive as my usual…well, sounds like you got through it, now…what are you gonna do next?

I think I like to get over stuff a little faster than most folks. However, it comes off as insensitive, I have been told. Okay, then…

What about my tone of voice?

I hear that it can really trigger the defenses on a lot of people too. So maybe I need to be more aware of my tone of voice?  Let’s see…my tone of voice AND what I say.

Go to Happy, Texas, why don't ya?

Well, maybe I should quit rolling my eyes and smirking or chuckling under my breath, as well. My gosh…are you kidding? What’s next? Should I talk to you in baby talk and pat you on the head, tuck you in your blanky and hand you your stuffed sleepy toy?

Or maybe I could just be more aware…

...but she still loves me.

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3 thoughts on “Day 29: Something I want to Change About Myself and Why…

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  2. what’s that saying? We can’t change what we don’t acknowledge. You’re aware .. and that’s the first step.

    But, for what it’s worth, we’re a lot alike. I can be compassionate but I can also be exasperated .. I’m a “get in, get it done, get out” kinda girl .. so, like you, I don’t give much time or attention to the “poor me’s” of the world….. Puhleeze. However, sometimes, I have to … and it’s a trial for me, too.

    Great post!


  3. Why has the fear of change? All life is change.
    Author: H. G. Wells

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