When I Ride…

I’m headed West…

See you later, 104F weather...

We got up pretty early this morning to drive to Colorado, but as trip preparations always do…we were running late.

I have been so excited to do this drive because of all the photo opportunities. We are headed to Vail, first, then we will drive to Crested Butte for a few days of mountain biking and hiking. I will be posting mainly pictures and some interesting travel facts…I will put some links to more info on some of the highlighted words. Just click…

Today, on the way, we drove to Sweetwater, Texas,  past the big windmill farms that generate electricity. Did you know Sweetwater is also home to the world’s largest rattlesnake round-up? Hisssssssss……..

As we approached Lubbock, we started to ascend the caprock formations that are formed when a hard protective layer of rock, acts as a cap to protect the softer underlying layers of soil, creating small and sometimes really big shelves of rock. Have you heard of a “hoo-doo”?

Roadside views ...

The rest stop outside of Amarillo provided this unexpected shot.

Passing the XIT Ranch, we met rain around the border at Texline, Texas. The temperature dropped from 104F. to 61F. Lovely.

View to the outside...


A gorgeous sunset ended our day in Raton, New Mexico.

It took us approximately, 12 hours to drive 640 miles. Not bad with all the snacks and potty stops…

Capulin Ancient Volcano

Cattle are grazing amongst the ancient lava beds of Capulin, the layers of ash very visible in the road cuts seen from the highway.

Buenas Noches-Good Night

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4 thoughts on “I’m headed West…

  1. I loved the first and last pictures – truly beautiful

  2. Thank you! I love the photos I get out here!

  3. How fun!! Looking forward to seeing all the photos from this most beautiful part of the country.. have a great trip 🙂 MJ

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