Through the mountains to Vail…

Bikes in the hotel room

We brought our bikes into the hotel room because Raton, New Mexico…as charming as it is, has a lot of people walking around. The hotels are sold out because of a Youth Shooters Competition. Young people from around the country, heck, maybe even the world, are gathering in Raton for this get together. Kind of strange watching young folks walk through the parking lot with rifle cases and assorted weapons.

Train In Trinidad
Headed to Breckenridge

Although I brought my Mate Tea with me…we stopped at a Safeway grocery to get a Starbuck’s Awake Tea Latte and some Aleve. My neck is acting crazy being in the car for hours.

This cool train was out front. The last operating steam engine in the United States. I counted 120 cars and four engines on one train on the way up here!

The wildfires that have hit all over the country have left their mark in New Mexico as well. I can only guess at the beauty this state will behold after the winter heals this land. Fire clears brush and dead trees, encouraging new growth and abundant flowers in the Spring. It will be an amazing sight.

The horizon between Trinity and Walsenburg, stretches from ear to ear. Just a low rolling hill breaks the expanse and the sky is truly awesome here.

The speed limit jumped to 75 in this long stretch of highway which makes my husband excited. I have finally let him drive my 4-Runner that I just bought a couple of months ago. I have always driven a F250 Ford truck. I feel like I’m in a little luxury car now. I love my sunroof!

We stopped at the Pueblo City Park and had a picnic that my husband so thoughtfully prepared before we left the house. We have these awesome coolers called Yeti Boxes. They will keep ice for 48 hours sometimes. It is easy to prepare the foods that we like and then pack them for a 3 day trip. No problem! Still cold!

Canadian Geese in the park

We sat at a picnic table and visited with a local couple out riding their Harley Davidson through the cool mountain air. They told us about a beautiful carousel that is over 100 years old, there in the park and we were all wishing it was open. I love the old carved animals on those carousels. Puts me right back at four years old.

My personal chef...

We reached Royal Gorge about 1:30 PM and tried to take a look but it has turned into such a tourist trap, they wanted us to stand in line to buy a ticket to look down at the river some 956 feet below. Guess I’ll just have to imagine it. We are on a mission…to Vail.

Royal Gorge from behind the fence
Here we come mountains!

We should reach the big mountains about time for a snack and a cocktail!

Here we come aspens!

5 thoughts on “Through the mountains to Vail…

  1. love your stories….I wish elderly people in rest homes who are able enough to get on computers could experience trips this way….a loving couple on a road trip to the mountains….how romantic and lovely. My mom and dad would journey to Colorado to visit me and take road trips from Georgeown to the Redlands in Grand Junction and other times to the Roaring Fork Valley of Rifle , when I moved. They would have the best time and Mom would take pictures…..after 50 years of marriage they always arrived at my door acting like newlyweds…you and your hubby are as charming as they are!!! Thanks for sharing. Love you.

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