When I Ride…

What looks like chaos is carefully orchestrated…

While I was watching this video, I thought of how in the past, my life has seemed chaotic, like it had no rhyme or reason…

but in hindsight , it was amazingly clear that the whole thing had been carefully orchestrated in order for me to be on that street corner at that particular moment for me to have met that person or seen that event.

This morning, I got up before everyone, had a slight headache but thought…I’ll just go on a quick hike.

Now if I had decided to make my hot tea first, brush my teeth or get on the computer first….if I had awoken    twenty minutes earlier…if I had…you get the idea.        Well, I would have missed this…

almost there...

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2 thoughts on “What looks like chaos is carefully orchestrated…

  1. Doctor Shoko on said:

    Absolutely fabolous 🙂

  2. Thanks! Glad you liked it. Hope you are well. Good to hear from you.

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