When I Ride…

Mountain Bikes and Music…

Frasera speciosa, the Monument Plant in the foreground

This is a mountain biker’s mecca! Everywhere we go, folks are riding bikes. The scenery is so conducive to being outside that if they aren’t riding, they are walking or running.

So, to get out there, we went on our first mountain bike trip, riding out to the village of Gothic and back. Flowers are in their most magnificent glory right now and everywhere we looked, they reached for the sky, sometimes towering over us along the sides of the road.

My biking buddies

We stayed on a dirt road for our first excursion. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do at this altitude. Single track, next time.

That afternoon, we showered and head into town for an outdoor concert. Can you believe we drove all the way to Crested Butte, Colorado and sat down to hear a band from Austin, Texas? Everyone we are with is from Austin! Crazy.

Hot Club of Cowtown is on stage

We all brought picnics and blankets, shared food and drinks and laughs. I haven’t smiled that much in a long time. We were all enjoying each other’s energy and love was everywhere.

Sharing the love...

Thank you, big mountain, for your watchful eye and glorious beauty.

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2 thoughts on “Mountain Bikes and Music…

  1. Simply breathtaking!

    Cannot take a bad picture there can you? For a short time, I lived in Manitou Springs and I remember being awed by the presence of those mountains… always there, looking over us, just as you’ve described.

    So glad you’re having a great vacation!! MJ

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