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Dogs Galore in Crested Butte, Colorado

Golden Retriever "Hola, Cruz"!

This trip to Crested Butte has really opened my eyes to what “dog friendly” community means. Everywhere I look, dogs, dogs and more dogs. There are so many dogs, each store posts its policy about dogs and most say, “Dogs Welcome”. One even said…encouraged!

Alaskan Malamute

So I thought it would be fun, since I AM such a dog woman…to walk around and ask people if I may take a photo of their dog. It is a great way to meet, cool and interesting folks, plus…I get to learn more about the breed and hear a funny story or two about how the dog got it’s name.

Great Pyrenees puppy, Izzy

I always ask the name.

Poodle -mix and shepard- mix

This dog is named Chaplin. His owner said he already had the tuxedo and was hilarious and full of fun. You go, Pit Bull!

Chaplin-pit bull

This Border collie was so attentive to her person, the guy walked in and out of the coffee shop without giving his dog any instructions. The dog sat and waited then promptly jumped up and followed him back to the truck. Never took his eyes off of his person. She is twelve.

Border Collie- Willow

This Australian Shepard mix waited patiently for her person while on the shady porch of a local bike shop.

Australian Shepard mix

Boxer in a pet store

Olive-Pyrenees/Golden Retriever Mix

Olive was the hostess of our gathering. She always conducted herself with the most gracious manners and patience.

Fritz- Black Shepard

Fritz is still a puppy but has started his Search and Rescue Training . Check out more about this by clicking on this link.

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6 thoughts on “Dogs Galore in Crested Butte, Colorado

  1. The wonderful world of dogs. Bravo¡¡¡
    Today I speak to my dog ​​Pancho about this place in the world.
    Thanks for sharing these pictures. Dog Woman ¡¡

  2. you had me at “dog friendly!”

    Beautiful pictures of gorgeous pooches … fun


  3. I know you are a dog lover!

  4. Beautiful shots! What a fluffy puppy. The boxer is gorgeous as well 🙂

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