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14 and now 12,000 feet…

Ever since my girlfriend, Karen and I walked the Inca Trail to Dead Woman’s Pass at 14,000 feet, I have wanted to try another summit.

When I saw and then heard there was a trail to the summit of Mt. Crested Butte and that my friend, Cassie would go with me…here we go!

We took a lift up the gradual slope to the beginning of the steep ascent. There was a trail that switched back and forth across the climb and then it turned into large boulders.

As I gasped for air, I caught an occasional photo of parts of the hike. Oh my gosh…I was thinking of something Cassie said before we started… pain is expected but suffering is optional.

99% of this is going to be in my mind, I thought. If I choose to gasp and choke and wonder why I started this, I have already signed my quitting papers. So I thought of how great it would be to stand on the summit and take a video of all I saw up there.

Here it is…a 360 view with a bit of commentary…

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4 thoughts on “14 and now 12,000 feet…

  1. Mary K. Dunn on said:

    Congratulations! That was a nice video….Thanks

  2. What have we got in Montana?

  3. 360 degrees of a beautiful landscape. In the place where eagles fly.

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