When I Ride…

Push my buttons and rock my boat!

Have you ever just been rockin’ along through your day, thinking, I’m finally there. I love everybody, most everyone thinks I’m pretty great… and nothing can get me down.

La la la..la tee da…      and then … wham!

The Gourds

Somebody does something that just makes you drive off in the ditch and want to go back to the “old” you and just give them a piece of your mind…really let them know how messed up they are that they would do that?

No? Not you?     I didn’t think so. It’s just me.

Well, after thinking about it and thankfully, NOT succumbing to that desire, I realised, hmmmmmm….

Maybe that is something I need to look at and  there WILL…be things that will “rattle my cage, push my buttons AND rock my boat”.

But that it is simply an indication that there are still things to know and I’m still an okay person.

Still learning…and winning!

Have a nice day!

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