When I Ride…

Leave the gate the way ya found it…please…

Weaning calves. You never know with a Bos Indicus what kind of hijinks they have up their…sleeve…

Our cattle are Brangus. That is a cross between a Brahma and an Angus. Because my husband is from South Texas and just loves the thick-skinned, dangly dewlap (a pendulous fold of skin under the throat of a bovine animal) and long ears…our cattle are just a bit more “brahma-y,”  which is a popular breed in hot, humid, insect laden country. Of course with the Brahma, you also get a delightfully quirky personality and long legs. My grandfather used to call them, “jumpin’ cattle”

So, everything was separated, mommas from calves, then the mothers were moved to a pasture over a mile away. The calves were in a big pen at the barn and eating every bit of the conditioning feed we had dumped in the long, steel feeders. They were calling for their moms but not too bad.

Horses are rinsed and put up, tack room door is shut.

Ahhh…now for a beer and that chair in the shade….

What the heck? Is that a momma cow coming down the road? Oh, c’mon. Really?

Scrambling to the truck with choice words, my husband caught up with her and pushed her into a small fenced area close to the barn. By the time he came to the house to grab me, here were five more trotting toward the barn, bawling for their babies.

Now I know those cattle can jump but I have never seen so many jump a barbed wire fence like that.

We drove to the pasture and looked down the fence line, expecting broken wire to be hanging from fence posts. All was well except for the desperate looks on the faces of the mommas on the other side of the fence. Hmmm….Curious.

We both looked at each other and knew…oh, yeah…we have guests on the ranch.

We knew they had been driving around looking at deer and other wildlife earlier that evening after it had cooled down.

The importance of leaving a gate the way you found it, meaning shut or open and if shut, latched correctly, had not been explained.

Oh, yea, well…those cows walked through the gate when we drove through…

My husband smiled.

Oh, okay!, he said. No problem, things like that can happen.

I know they do, because they just did.

A friend of ours gave us a wooden sign shaped like a tombstone, many years ago. We put it next to a gate. It reads:


Ranching humor…

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7 thoughts on “Leave the gate the way ya found it…please…

  1. Aquí en la Argentina los primeros Brahman llegaron de USA
    Tan esencial es el Brahman en los trópicos que muchas razas británicas y continentales han sido “adaptadas” mediante la inyección de un considerable porcentaje de sangre Brahman. El resultado de estas cruzas son las llamadas sintéticas: Brangus, Braford, Simbrah, Chabray, Beefmaster son algunos ejemplos de la preferencia por el Brahman. La encuesta agropecuaria ’93 estimó que entre el 22 y el 25% del ganado bovino argentino tiene sangre Brahman.

    I hope I did not leave the door open. It is very dangerous¡¡¡¡¡

    • Eso es increíble, pero no sorprendente, que tantas razas en la Argentina tienen una influencia de la sangre Brahman. Es un animal fuerte para un país fuerte. Sí … puedo ser peligroso!

  2. Is it cool that I immediately recognized the Brahman in that bad boy (or girl? Can’t tell from here).

    At our “community pasture” in Saskatchewan, Canada (thousands of acres of shared land where farmers could pay an annual fee to pasture their cattle for the summer … along the banks of the South Saskatchewan River) we had a lot of “Texas” Gates. You know, those bars in the ground that you’d drive over but cows wouldn’t walk through cause their legs would get stuck.

    A childhood of gate-closing experience, I was about 7 when I thought, “Man those Texans sure are smart to have figured THAT out.” 🙂

    Love the sign! Might need to get one for my family farm.

    Cheers! MJ

  3. Maybe next time they will leave the gate the way they found it 😉 When I was growing up, there was a lo of times walking home that I would have cattle in my front yard. It happened so much I knew the owner wasn’t far ahead of me haha. Thank you for the smile as I read this, brought back some great memories.

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