When I Ride…

Before and After…

Ranch gate before...

Our family’s ranch gate is nothing fancy. We put an agave cactus there because we aren’t going to water it.

Plain and simple…this is the entrance to Storm Ranch. I grew up with these colors. Red primer and white. Inexpensive and every hardware store is going to have it.

129 year old, Calcasieu Lumber Company in Austin, is where my grandfather bought all of the ranch gates for pens and  pastures  and they came painted red. I have always liked a red gate. They are easy to see when the wire strands of the fence are not visible from a distance.

So when I decided to do a touch up job on the front gate, I wanted to use the original colors. It was a small project but it is just the beginning. I’m making my mark because I’m coming back to the ranch.

Might take us a minute but little by little, we will get her shiny again.

Ranch gate after

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4 thoughts on “Before and After…

  1. I agree; just like a red barn against a blue sky, a red gate is easy to see and warm & welcoming in its own way! Cheers, MJ

  2. I agree, MJ. Great photograph material. When it gets cooler, I’m going to get after those pipe gates with a wire brush and do the same to them. It’s fun when it isn’t your job!

  3. Doctor Shoko on said:

    You can see the new colour is shining ^^

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