When I Ride…

How are you going to tow someone if you are out of gas?

Let me give you a visual to put that  into clearer perspective. Say, your car’s engine is dead. What are the chances that you’re going to be able to give another car a tow or a jumpstart? I’m guessing slim to none. Well, it works the same way with your well-being. I’m preaching! Is there anyone out there! The bottom line is that if you’ve run yourself so ragged that you can break into a zillion pieces at any given moment, your ability to effectively help anyone else is going to be severely limited, maybe non-existent.

Your WELL-BEING is singing this Janet Jackson song…“What Have You Done for Me Lately”? Thank you to the ’80’s! Woo-Hoo! Love those shoulder pads and the hair! Sing it, Janet!

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2 thoughts on “How are you going to tow someone if you are out of gas?

  1. I hope you get “filled” up! Being run down is never any fun. I LOVE THE 80’s outfits. Didn’t those kinda come back? Woo!

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