The call from Naivasha…

While I was on the computer this morning, checking emails, the little Skype sound alerted me and I looked at the window that had just popped up with someone’s message.

It was from my son in Kenya. “I’m going to call you in a little bit“, it read…”be ready”

Be ready. That means go somewhere in the house or on the property where I could get a signal on my cell phone. I had just started my morning oatmeal, it had nearly come to a boil. I shut off the fire, went to a fairly reliable window in the dining room and sat down to wait.

Soon, the phone rang. Let me first say, how amazing is it that I can receive a call from the edge of Lake Naivasha, Kenya, in my little home here in Texas. In this particular instance…I love technology.

Michael told me about the things he had been doing, walking with school kids picking up trash in the village. He had hiked with some local guys to the geothermal vents at Hell’s Gate and then climbed the big hill to look down at everything. He was learning swahili and meeting a lot of interesting people. Then came the reason for the call.

I’m going to take a matatu ( public minibus ) to Nanyuki, buy some food and then climb Mt. Kenya

Oh, that sounds exciting, I said. Who are you going with?

No one, he said. I’m just going to go by myself.       Oh.

Are you nervous? I asked him. A little I guess but it will be fine. I will just keep asking people where to go and then I will get there, hook up with a group at the base and climb with them. It should take me about a week.

You would think I should be so over this type of news. My gosh! If he can make it through the Marines and a deployment to Djibuti with the French Foriegn Legion, I am sure this will be a walk in the park!

I gulped, then smiled. This 23 year old  is doing exactly what I prayed he would, have a very large adventure.

Then, go by the grocery and pick up a thin school folder of paper. I told him. I want you to write down all of the details.

Oh, okay, mom. He said.

We said our “see you laters” and I went back to the oatmeal to start it cooking again. Before I turned on the fire, I tasted it.  Hmm. It had already cooked to perfection and I hadn’t been watching it or taking care of it and all was well.

Such is life…all is as it should be.

6 thoughts on “The call from Naivasha…

  1. We have two wonderful gifts to share with our children: one is roots and the other is wings.

    Bravo to your boy for pursuing his heart’s adventure and kudos for Mom for letting him go 🙂

    hugs MJ

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