When I Ride…

Lady Bird’s Wildflowers…

Maiden Hair Fern

Native to Texas, the Maiden Hair Fern grows on limestone in the shade and usually where it can stay moist. In my childhood, it was an indicator plant. An indicator of fairies, elves and all the other secret, natural beings that came out only when no one was watching. My mom nurtured an already active imagination and helped us to make tea cups for the fairies out of acorn caps.

Now that I’m an adult…of sorts…I can only remember those happy times and look forward to passing magical moments to my grandchildren one day. Oh, it will happen. We will also be making trips to this wonderful place, the Lady Bird Wildflower Center, here in Austin.

A day of Central Texas natural history and real life native plant viewing, all that’s missing would be a stop at Dairy Queen on the way home. Large, chocolate-dip cone please!

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5 thoughts on “Lady Bird’s Wildflowers…

  1. Interesting history, here in the alone south there are goblins. Some of good them and other villains.
    I will inform my daughter about the link: Wildflower Center, since she studies environmental sciences in the university of agronomy.
    She speaks and writes perfectly the English language.
    But she has laughs and guffaws when she observes my write in Englishman
    Wonderful your pictures¡¡

  2. I think the natural lore of each country is so interesting. Ireland has the Leprechaun. At the end of the writing I mention “Dairy Queen” It is an ice crem shop. Might have been confusing in the spanish translation…I like your English.

  3. I love maiden hair fern, also up here in MN and WI, I always think the stems look like electrical wire.

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