When I Ride…

Flying North to Whitefish…

Up at 5:30 am, I head out the door to the airport in Dallas. It is only about an hour and one half drive but it gave me time to dream about Montana. I was headed to the land of the Yellowstone, Glacier National Park and just a bit south of Canada so I was also hoping for a chill in the air.

A quick flight to Denver then on to Kalispell. My friend Mary picked me up and as she drove us to her house in Whitefish, the girl gab marathon began.

I get so little time with women. The men at the ranch aren’t nearly as interested in what interests me, as Mary is. When I get with another woman, we are going to talk about everything until we are all talked out and that should be about four days. That is perfect because that is how long I will be here in Whitefish, Montana.

What is a Dairy Queen doing in Montana? I thought they were only in Texas? 

After we got to the house and I got unpacked, we went for a hike. Not a super long one…just about an hour through the local forest that is owned by a large lumber company. The leaves are beginning to turn their colors and the fall flowers bloom while the summer flowers have put on their seed heads.

Small streams are running from the little bit of snow melt left on the north sides of the hills. The stream rocks are truly all colors, compliments of minerals left behind by the great glaciers of which Glacier National Park got its name.

This colorful character has a very clear warning…don’t touch!

Twenty four years of friendship and we still have something to talk about. Main subject, look at this but don’t touch it. This is the giant nest and photo of the day, of the Bald Faced Hornet. They make it by chewing up wood and making a liquid paper that they spit out and form into a nest. They go for the eyes when they attack and sting so we will just keep on walking. Pretty cool looking, though. More tomorrow.

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3 thoughts on “Flying North to Whitefish…

  1. that nest looks bizarre. nice photos!

  2. Bon travels and the good shots of photographies…
    We will follow you like always

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