When I Ride…

Avalanche Trail Head and why is this water so blue?

I think a slide show might be more appropriate than trying to explain everything I saw today.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This gorgeous park was formed by glaciers that carved the lakes and mountains and left mineral deposits that create the amazing blue color of the water. The rocks are also left with colors of the rainbow, purples, greys, reds and golden colors that can easily be seen through the crystal clear water.

Bear activity is high here and most hikers that are local carry bear pepper spray in an easy to grab location on their person. As we parked, a black bear ran by our car. They are cautious of humans but so visible, I am not surprised by the news of another grizzly attack reported nearby.

The red, antique buses are available to rent and the top rolls back to allow for viewing of the mountains and colors of the trees as they change.

Today, we hiked up tp Avalanche Lake. It sits up in the mountain and is fed by snow melt. The trail follows the creek that over flows from the lake. Mosses and ferns muffle the sounds of visitors hiking to the top and the forest has a spiritual presence in its atmosphere.

If you click on the pause button that appears in the slideshow screen, you can then scroll through them at your own speed. I hope you enjoy the photos.

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