When I Ride…

Tempting the rain gods…

Link to Satellite Data Am I obsessed with the weather? No…just having fun watching it come across the mountains and plains to dump all of its glorious wetness on us!

To make sure it gets good and muddy…I’m going to an outdoor festival in Fredericksburg, Texas, to celebrate the gorgeous mesquite tree that grows around here. In south Texas, they call the bigger older trees, “Bull” mesquite.

Mesquite Tree

The wood has a deep red heart and  golden outlines the closer to the bark you get. Many beautiful pieces of furniture and cooking utensils, bowls…you name it…has been made with mesquite wood.

We are going to drive three hours down and three hours back and just to tempt the rain gods…I’m not taking an umbrella.

C’mon you big, water filled clouds! Bring it!

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6 thoughts on “Tempting the rain gods…

  1. From the South, I join everyone in prayer for rain to reach the camps, as a blessing for all.
    Strength “ friends of Texas”
    Adiós Amigos¡

  2. Thank you, Cruz. There is strength in many prayers!

  3. If this morning’s line of storms holds together, you should get some for sure! Hope you have a fun day dancing in the rain without your umbrella. 🙂 We have a small chance of getting some; if we get it, we’ll be dancin’, too!

  4. I do love your beautiful pictures – thank you for sharing your towering tree and your sunshine.

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