When I Ride…

And the rain brought a puppy…

A puppy. The thunderstorm that came rumbling in and then sat and stayed for a day and dropped 4 1/2 inches of sweet, luxurious rain on us…it brought with it, a skinny, black puppy with its tail tucked between its legs.

I gave it a little food and then went for my morning walk. He fell in behind me like Punkin used to. And so we walked…a long walk. There was a little whining and a couple of yips along the way. Bless his heart, no telling what the previous night had been like for the little guy so I picked him up and carried him part of the way. He just lie in my arms like an exhausted pup.


I wanted to see where the rain had soaked in and where it had collected. The Bongo were waiting for their day’s ration.

We walked about an hour and the puppy stayed with me the whole time.

I think he wants to live here. We will see.


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12 thoughts on “And the rain brought a puppy…

  1. So what’s his name?

  2. Please you say yes. We are all happy and the little dog even more.

  3. Karen Graham-Kurio on said:

    Yes, I think the puppy wants you to be his new owner and live with you all the days of his life….you can call him “Storm” — for many MANY reasons….by the way, he is precious and a survivor….yea!!!! You got a puppy! Have you gotten punkin” out of the freezer yet?? LOL

  4. Sheli Patin on said:

    He is a gift or maybe a replacement of sort from God! We received a gift after the storms as well. Love him and show him that you are worthy of his blessings 🙂

  5. I wish the rain would bring me a puppy!! He looks a little like my Frankie; bless you for not turning him away.

    So glad you got some rain!!!!!!!!!

    Cheers MJ

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