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Texas Mesquite Art Festival

It was an especially nice drive to Fredericksburg due to the rain. Sprinkles at first and then several downpours as we passed through the smaller towns of Evant, Goldthwaite, San Saba, Llano and finally arrived in Fredericksburg. The rain had chased a few spectators away from the Mesquite Festival but not from the Old German Bakery!

History of Fredericksburg in a sculpture

We stopped in there for a good old-fashioned German breakfast and it was packed with folks. After a substantial waffle with blueberries and a great visit with the folks from Beaumont and Houston with whom we shared a table, we walked to the pavilion in the center of town and started looking for the wedding presents that were my mission that day.

I like to get practical but “artsy” gifts, mesquite cutting boards and cooking utensils, a cool bowl for large salads… There were bowls, dining room tables, walking sticks and chopping blocks. One kitchen island was so amazingly gorgeous, I could have built a kitchen just for a place to display the island.

There was a gentleman demonstrating how the bowls were made.

He operated a lathe that held a piece of naturally pink and cream wood. There was a hackberry tree bowl, light as a feather but beautiful in its cream-colored with a black grain. Cherry, walnut and pecan wood also made an appearance.

With a few more funds, one day it would be a blessing to me to be able to purchase a beautiful piece for each of my friends and be more of a support to this kind of artistry. Who is learning this art so that it will never be lost? Furniture making, carving….

Cross section of mesquite trunk

We stopped by a wine tasting and then went to one of the small chapels at a nearby church to take some photos. Wine and church, a natural combination.

This old German architecture is so reminiscent of Europe but so Texan at the same time. Maybe that is one of the things that keeps Fredericksburg from becoming just another small Texas town that makes a living from tourists.

It does not have a Starbucks or Kentucky Fried Chicken. It leaves those businesses to the local entrepreneur to fulfill and it usually has a German flavor to it.

Thanks Fredericksburg for remaining a local artisan center.

St. Mary's Chapel

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