When I Ride…

Slaughter Creek Trails

I met some friends at a new riding location that is amazingly close to Austin. Slaughter Creek Trails on Camp Ben McCullough Road, is managed by the Water Quality Protection agency in the Austin area. They use the park to practice water conservation and conduct studies on water filtration through the rocks and dirt. We…the folks with horses and bikes, oh and hikers too…get to use it for free. No reservations required. Here are some shots from our ride. It’s a super place to check out. I will be bringing clients here this Spring. Great place to practice new riding skills!

Hauling the trailer down Camp Ben McCullough Rd.

Slaughter Creek Sign

Lots of signs, trails also well marked...

Trautwein Homestead sign

Trautwein Home

Unloading Horses

Trying a new horse

Bikers always yield to horses

Riding with a friend from High School

Big Gorgeous Sky!

Horses and Women...

Stay on the trails, please...

Caliche Hills

Austin Skyline on the Horizon

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6 thoughts on “Slaughter Creek Trails

  1. I think you need to publish a calendar that we could special order from you … the photos are so gorgeous, I can’t pick just one.

    I think my favorite is “big blue sky” — what a gorgeous place to ride.

    Cheers!! MJ

  2. Very good fotografìas. Always your you have good shots with your chamber, and better destinations to ride. I congratulate you like always.
    Do you know? I was hospitalized in a hospital, because of it I estimate more these photos of the nature.

  3. It s always nice to ride a horse through a wonderful landscape 🙂

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