When I Ride…

Morning Romp on the Blanco

Bald Cypress and Native Grasses on a Limestone river bed. Blanco River

When I look across the river, I see potential. Potential for arrowheads to be found, if I was a kid, maybe a fort in the crevices of the cliff.


Otis is still trying to figure out if he likes the river. He jumps from rock to rock but I’m sure when the weather is hot again, it will be one of his new favorite places and he will wade into it with the confidence of a big dog.

Water Reflections

Although the Blanco River is very low due to the drought, the reflections and the colors make for a magnificent Fall display.

Cypress and River Rocks

Colors of a Sycamore Leaf

Otis and Duke sharing a stick

Texture of the river's floor

Roots of the Bald Cypress

Cypress trunk shaped by the current

Otis in the river

I don’t know if two pups can play any harder than these. Duke is the dog that showed up at our house after a strong thunderstorm and Otis is my new pup I got in Llano, Texas. This nap is after hours of continuous jumping, biting and rolling. It’s kind of like watching a fire…mesmerizing.

Puppies napping

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4 thoughts on “Morning Romp on the Blanco

  1. The autumn colors painted with magic, the little boys Otis and Duke are good friends, which is comforting to see this post. That seems a Bal Cypres tree of wisdom, very good picture …

  2. I honestly thought those river pictures were paintings — they are so beautiful – you sure take gorgeous pictures.

    And who can resist 2 cute pups snuggled together? Not I !!

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