When I Ride…

Turkey Day, when I eat, ride, eat, watch the game, eat, walk with the dogs…

Thanksgiving Day Dawn

What an amazing morning. The alarm went off at 5 am to put the turkey in and then he came back to bed. That’s right! My husband is cooking.

We like to have a really nice meal for the men that work for us and then we eat with the folks that come to the ranch for the holidays. Let’s get the fire started. Might need a bit of help from the pear burner…

Hunters, owners, horseback riders…it’s a free for all.

The fog and heavy dew sat thick at first light. Whitetail deer bucks were sparring and chasing does through the pastures. I heard a couple of gun shots.

Getting horses ready for riders…

Walking Otis and my son’s dog, Duke, the thunderstorm dog…they have been non stop playing like little cousins that haven’t seen each other in years.

I am grateful. Today is a day of Thanksgiving.

I’m just loving this day for what it is. A day to love family and friends because they are almost all here…our daughter came a day early and left for other family commitments…

…and a day to be grateful for my amazing health, doggie friends and horse buddies.

Thank you God.

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4 thoughts on “Turkey Day, when I eat, ride, eat, watch the game, eat, walk with the dogs…

  1. Looks like just a beauty of a day!

  2. Awesome pic, the first one “thanksgiving day dawn”! First time on this blog. Great work!

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